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look what you've done.

i suppose it's my turn for the end-of-the-first-year-of-college entry. matt and sam arrived last night to help jessie and me take down our loft. we hauled the carpet out as well, and now our room is bare. [we stashed the lumber in our bikeroom ... shhh, don't tell.] the very first weekend i moved into the room was the only time i remember the room being so bare. i had the top bunk and mike climbed up it and threw all my pillows (along with good luck bear) onto the floor. how long ago that seems. and when we still didn't have carpet, i hopped out of bed, slipped on one of jessie's throw rugs and fell right on my naked ass onto the floor. soon after that, 319 s. hubbard became a palace: curtains and christmas lights and plants and mirrors and shelves and thick squishy carpet and a purple loft.

this year has been full of so many memories.

...QUEBEC!!!, pre-season, theodora (queen of the hill people), moving from bryan to south hubbard, jimmy eat world concert, hanging out at eric scheffler's that same night, despising MTH 132, chillin' with josh and the majority of his floor, going to indiana with the marching band (and mike coming up afterwards just to see me), endless marching band practices, dave informing me i was an excellent marcher (but if only i had better tone and air support), dropping HST 335 because i got scared, MARCHING THE FIRST PRE-GAME OF THE SEASON (biggest rush everrrrrr - i wanted to scream and laugh and cry all at once), learning you can order food at all hours of the night, matt being pissed at me until the night he fell asleep sobbing next to me, ice skating, one of my BS 110 lab partners (betsy) informing me i smelled of booze (99 bananas, oops!), sleeping in case hall 3-4 nights each week, getting to know sam and mason way better, theme thursday parties, failing to learn php (i'm sorry eric puidokas!), suffering from the illusion that shelter[ed] might play together again, hanging out with kathy/jeff/mike on the rare occasions i did return home, venturing out to the west side of the state over christmas break, NEW YEAR'S EVE (remember those little kids at the pool?).

...emily's surprise party (rachel and amy crashing at my place? I LIVE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF CAMPUS!), meeting brian and joe, mistakenly thinking an honors bio course might be easier than a regular one, landing a job at TIC (Turfgrass Information Center .... and no, i still don't know a damn thing about turf), juggling 18 credits and 10 hours of work per week, the honors bio lab from HELL with jeff & dan, huddle, hot rod circuit show (JASON RUSSELL KISSED MY HAND!), woody's wednesday night hookah crew, TDX, eric and drew getting kicked out of case hall but then throwing killer parties at their house on gunson (including one where i ran into gina bottinelli), MEXICO!!!, going to joe's at midnight just to play halo 2 on xbox live, monday evening updates with ashley, making second trumpet in campus band, ST. PATRICK'S DAY (i blame josh), listening to the bouncing souls in joe's car and bury your dead in brian's, almost getting beat up by mandi for accidentally insulting social distortion, discovering i know more french than i thought, matt's birthday, mason's birthday, sparty's spring party, "THIS JUST IN: THERE'S SEX IN THE MEDIA!", beer pong with the mexicans (MY REBUTTALS OWN YOU), finding out it's entirely possible to have a 98% in one class and 36% in another, realizing i don't want to be a doctor.

...deciding to stay in east lansing for the summer, making a down payment on a car all my own...

losing touch with old friends, gaining new ones, regaining a few i thought i'd lost forever.

to think, one year ago i adamently did not want to attend michigan state university. because in all honesty, i thought i was too good for this place. i couldn't have been more wrong.

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