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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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survey says what what!
dinosaur roar

okay, two questions for everyone.

my 19th birthday party. i want to have some sort of get-together, that is for certain. i could either

a) have a party at 212 n. harrison sometime after i move in. the only problem is, would kids from home attend?
b) have a gathering at 9213 apple orchard while i am still at home ... perhaps the evening of saturday, june 4th. the only problem is, would my friends from school drive out to my hometown for the evening?

what the HELL am i doing in this picture? (click for the full-size image)

a) crying
b) laughing
c) falling
d) something else???

....tell me what you think. :D

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the story actually is that i asked you to show me your mouth, and that is what you promptly did...

whatever that was.

selection A. people will drive to e. lansing for your bday yo


I think you're sneezing.

i am gonna go with B,C, OR D... But yeah, i would definatly drive to east lansing...Do you think i want to stay in linden ALL summer??.I am just waiting for an excuse to come back here!

if you have that party on june 4th and interfere with my open house i will murder you with a plastic knife from the open house.

we'll drive to e. lansing

the party should DEFINITELY be in east lansing. why do you even need to ask that question!? haha. for the second question, i think you're getting it in the butt.

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