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summer wind was always our song.

so my summer has officially begun. it was weird (and sad) to walk out of south hubbard hall knowing it would be the last time. well, i may walk out of south hubbard hall again, but i will never again refer to it as "home". *sigh* so many good times in 319 south. i hope jessie and i don't get charged TOO much for the huge dent in one of our walls (due to the taking down of the wretched loft) and for the fact that i didn't sweep the floor before moving out. oops? 318 west shaw will be the place to be next year. i am looking forward to living with ashley a lot. and our room is going to be so kickass.

but i'm getting ahead of myself. first i have to make it through the next ... four months. so far my only definite summer plans are as follows.

may 18th - matt and i are taking katy mcgreevy out for her birthday
june 6th-10th - new york with dad
june 11th - get up kids final detroit show w/matt & nathaniel
last week of june - family vacation to an undecided location
july 4th - nurenbergs' fourth of july party
july 5th - my two summer classes (FRN 202 & WRA 202) start
mid july - GETTIN' MY NEW CAR!
july 16th - drum corps show in kalamazoo
july 31st - warped tour
august 22nd - marching band pre-season drills!!!

when i lay it all out like that, it appears i have a lot of plans. july is going to rock pretty hardcore, but may is pretty empty. so hang out with me. please?

last night i headed over to eric & drew's for the last time of the year. it was alright. i walked over with josh, ross, and frankis (who i am looking forward to continuing to hang out with next year!). i had some pina colada that this one girl, adrienne, had brought. i wanted to go to rachel/kelly/emily's cinco de mayo festivities, and i had every intention to. i even went around saying goodbyes and hugging a lot of people, but then matt and eric held me up by trying to convince me to stay. so i ended up talking to them and before i knew it, kelly called me on my cell phone to inform me that their party had just been broken up. yikes! so i am rather glad i didn't make the trek from way the hell up gunson street all the way over to armstrong. but part of me wishes i would've been in on the action.

i don't know, i wasn't really having the best time. mostly speaking a lot of french and arguing with matt a lot. i eventually stormed out, walked home, stopped at subway, and finally crashed back to hubbard around 2am.

back to work at good 'ol mcdonald's on monday.

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