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so this is home and this is summer.

yesterday proved to be a VERY good way to kick off my "summer vacation". i woke up around 9am to head to my 10 o'clock eye appointment. then i returned and ate lunch while mom held the senior marching band meeting at my house. i love how like all fifteen of them failed to acknowledge me. it's like, HELLO YOU SO KNOW ME! but whatever, i'm over it.

i then went to the mall with dad and kc ... kc tried on like ten thousand outfits for 8th grade recognition and didn't buy a single thing. so i split up from dad and kc and went shopping a little. i also did not buy anything. i tried on like 6 bathing suits at gadzooks (because they were having a 50% off sale and i figured why not) and my ass hung out of every single one of them. screw that, why do companies feel the need to MAKE THEIR BIKINI BOTTOMS SO DAMN SKIMPY.

blah. so then i went to lenscrafters and picked out some kickin' new frames. went home, met up with matthew, who then drove me BACK to genesee valley. we picked up my new glasses and went to eat at panda express. then we went to fenton high school to play tennis. jeff came, too. i am pretty bad at tennis even though i took lessons during the summers when i was a kid. when jeff and matt imitated me, they looked like skateboarders. it was pretty amusing. then matt and i drove jeff's truck around fenton high school's parking lot. i only stalled once getting started! yay. although matt was better than me ... but he's driven a stick frequently in the past (just not in quite some time). then the three of us went to taco bell where we ran into 3 fenton kids matt knew.

after taco bell, we stopped by my house so i could change my clothes. then matt and i went over to the mcgreevy's and hung out with katy and allison ... and mr. mcgreevy informed us that he is holding us accountable for his son's actions next year. i was like, "hey, mike is eighteen, he can make his own decisions!" but it was still funny.

the only bad part about yesterday was when i called mcdonald's to get my work schedule for next week. i work monday and friday 7am-3pm. and that's it. SIXTEEN HOURS. fuck, make that fifteen hours after i take out my unpaid breaks. those burger bitches.

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