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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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last train home
dinosaur roar

wow. i could not have asked for a better first day back at the hartland mcdonald's. first of all, ashley polinski is a manager now but she still gave me a huge high five and acted as if we were long lost friends (she is so cool). she took her plugs out, though!! then i found out that jim is back working there, too! so now he can hit on me when i work those early morning shifts. yessssss. i opened up my availability (6am-5pm) and picked up a shift from chuck for wednesday (5am-1pm, bitch).

TO TOP OFF THE AMAZINGNESS, as three o'clock and the end of my shift were approaching, who should walk in but kevin krause, mcdonald's uniform in tow! we greeted each other like the long lost lovers we pretend to be. it's nice when you haven't seen someone in a long time and you discover they haven't changed a bit (as a good thing). holly had to literally shoo me out of the store after changing the drawer because kevin and i were just standing there talking. kevin is so fun. we were like, "oh my gosh i haven't seen you in like a year!" then kevin said, "well i'm standin' here and i'm single, that NEVER happens."

i was a little appalled to discover that he is going to be attending central next year: "yeah i got into state and decided it's just too big."


^^that's what i had to say about that.

my parents bought me an iPod car kit for my birthday and gave it to me early. yay. just in time for my car to pretty much die. i think my 1991 saturn is on its last legs. so much for having it in east lansing with me in june. :( i am sad about that. i am going to have to bum rides to meijer's and shit. growl! i have to rely on being able to borrow dad's bonneville for now.

however, it's sinking in that i am only home for four weeks, and i haven't decided yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

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because Central's NOT big......????

smaller than msu, but still big, yes.

Dude, Kevin Krause went out with my best friend's younger sister for almost a year (at least I think they've broken up now.) SMALL world...even though we live in neighboring towns. :)

damn, small world indeed!

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