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summer is wonderful so far.

okay, first of all, these grapes i am eating are so huge it's weirding me out.

secondly, yesterday was very very awesome. i woke up around 12:40pm (first time in WEEKS i have slept in!!). i got dressed, did my hair pretty, played on the computer for a few minutes, and declared myself bored. so i called matt and was whining to him about how i was bored and that we should do something. while i was on the phone with him, mcdonald's called on the other line. i was like, "sweet, maybe they want me to work!" and they did. so matthew drove me to hartland mcdonald's and i worked from 2-5pm. yes it's only three hours but it's three more hours that i didn't have before, y'know? especially when they originally had me scheduled for two days this week. *grumble*

dad picked me up from work and i went home and changed my clothes. i called matt and again insisted that we should do something. so i called mike and asked if he wanted to meet up with the two of us and he said, "sure!" then he asked what we had in mind and i told mike it was his call. and he said, "so basically you guys are inviting yourselves over to my house..." it was funny. so matt and i went to mike's around 7pm after testing my new iTrip in matt's car. we presented him with his very belated birthday gift and then the three of us pretty much just hung out and watched TV. oh, and i got made fun of a LOT. it's cool, though, i can take it. :)

i am up at 4am today because i took chuck's 5am-1pm shift. then i have a chiropractic appointment at 3:15pm. maybe tennis later, then possibly meeting up with sam & mason tomorrow! w00t.

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