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in response to jeff's prodding, an update.

i know i said i was taking a break from livejournal (and i still am), but a livejournal worthy event has definitely occurred. jeff is here. we i just drove his [stick shift] truck to the linden post office and back. on the way back to my house, i was trying to make a left turn onto bennett lake road, and i stalled like eight thousand times. there were like between six and ten cars behind me at any given point (people started going around me). everyone was really cool about it once they figured out what was going on -- the funny part is the only person who got REALLY pissed was this super old guy. elderly folk should not be on the road period. also, kristen should not be on the road in a stick shift. yet.

i finally got so worked up about it that i threw on the emergency brake and traded seats with jeff. I COULDN'T HANDLE ALL THOSE PEOPLE! plus by this point i was practically IN THE MIDDLE of a fairly busy intersection.

that is all.

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