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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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yay for pictures, an awesome weekend, etc.
dinosaur roar

+ thursday (still counts as part of the weekend, even when i am home). no mcdonald's. bought an advance reader's copy of francesca lia block's necklace of kisses on eBay. hung out with matt and sam. went to dairy queen, probably said stupid things. bought 3 new games for my n64. realized i suck at mario so have since switched to the task of beating goldeneye instead.

+ friday was excellent. worked 7am-3pm. went to matt's house and watched taking lives with matt, mike, and sam. was made fun of pretty much the entire time. had to scrounge a ride home from mike. re-entered my house at precisely 4:42am.

+ saturday. worked 11am-7pm. didn't do much of anything afterwards. played halo with kathy, i think? discovered that my 1991 saturn is FIXABLE, though every part of my front right wheel is completely shot.

+ sunday. worked 8am-4pm. kathy and dad picked me up. actually watched the simpsons and family guy on tv. talked to ashley online for a very long time and was reminded that next year is going to be KICKASS (brian ashley & joe i miss you!)

+ monday. worked 5am-1pm. jeff picked me up. he let me drive his truck. see previous entry. wondered if me purchasing a stick shift is a huge mistake.

+ today (tuesday). woke up to a phone call from mcdonald's asking me to come in. i am stupid and cannot say no to anyone so i went in and worked from 11am-4pm. got to work grill with jim. joy. sam, mason, and matt came to collect me at the end of my shift and we all went to panera and then to my house to spend some quality time playing ddr. we also watched moulin rouge, which is a movie i happen to hate due to the fact that i am a coldhearted bitch.

+ tomorrow = wednesday. my day off. have to drop dad off at the airport, go to my chiropractic appointment, then matt and i are taking katy mcgreevy out for her birthday.

items i am now obsessed with purchasing:
- 1/2" kaos plugs
- new nostril jewelry
- a playstation 2 console
- tv stand/entertainment center for dorm next year

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Dont forget picking Kathy up from Band Bounce Practice. I'll be sure to call. ^_^ <3

which is a movie i happen to hate due to the fact that i am a coldhearted bitch.

hahaha. don't worry, I hate that movie for some unexplainable reason as well. that doesn't make you a coldhearted bitch. (or if it does, I guess that makes me one too)

it is simply due to the fact that they fall in love in a matter of minutes while he sings that stupid song. shit like that doesn't happen in real life! so matt attributes my hate of the movie to me "being a coldhearted bitch". :)

Fuck anything Playstation, just wait until Xbox 2 comes out.

haha, ok ms. moneybags, where are we going to put this entertainment center!?


...and i don't mean like a HUGE entertainment center, like a small tv stands with maybe a shelf or two underneath for a game console & dvds or something.

right right. do we need anything else electronic?

p.s. i can buy the entertainment center! you've bought everything else!

haha i don't really know what all i've bought. well, i have the tv/vcr combo & a dvd player that we just need to purchase a correct cable for and we're all set. and i can bring up my nintendo 64. we are using your (smaller) fridge ... oh i guess i did buy the futon, haha. i have pretty pillows for it, too. :)

i am going to see if i can get my bigish stereo working.

our room shall be kickass!

no no wait till ps3 comes out. its gonna be da bomb sheet

geesh kristen you have a long neck. lol.

it does look like i have a super long neck in that first picture...

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