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you were just a boy on a bed in a room.

in the past two days i have spent entirely too much money. first yesterday's outing to great lakes crossing with matt and katy, then my visit to this evening. i spent about $80 total, and for that amount i have purchased the following:

+ cute skirt & shirt from forever 21
+ pair of sandals from journeys
+ pink underwear from american eagle
+ purse from wet seal
+ two 12G 1/2" internally threaded straight barbells
+ 10G internally threaded cone end (i lost the bottom ball to my custom navel bar! GGRRR)
+ 16G 1/4" barbell (for my tragus that still isn't healing right ... bye bye cbr)
+ pair of 1/2" cobalt kaos eyelets

two huge paychecks are hitting my account tomorrow so it shouldn't be a big deal. plus i sold two pairs of plugs through bod_mod_trade and a bunch of beanie babies on eBay last week.

also, i noticed yesterday while unpacking yet SOME MORE of my CRAP, that i am missing a lot of my jewelry. you know why? because i get drunk and ruin or misplace it. in the past year alone i have lost and/or broken....

- the copper bracelet sean bought me ages ago (only piece of jewelry a boy has ever bought me, mind you)
- my awesome beaded anklet from jamaica
- last year's prom necklace with the dangly gold stars
- one 00G glass amber-colored plug from glasswear studios
- my faux tiffany's heart necklace
- gold star nostril stud (come to think of it, i'm not sure i ever had that at school at all...)

these items must be replaced in the near future. first i need to go through the pockets of all the clothing i own to determine what is missing vs. what is broken.

i'm scheduled for 41 hours at work next week but am free every evening and have monday/tuesday off.

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i told matt today that summer so far has been a lot of things i did not anticipate.

i believe that you knew it despite everything.

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