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tattoos of memories & dead skin on trial.

thursday night jessica came over and we watched breakfast at tiffany's and ate ben & jerry's ice cream that had been left in my freezer. a few obscure things about holly golightly reminded me of strangely of myself. and i was a big fan of her chinese upstairs neighbor. overall i had a good time.

band bounce was last night. it was weird to be in the audience and not one of the people performing. then a lot of people went over to jeff's house. mr. mcgreevy entrusted katy and allison to matt's and my care. i drank code red mountain dew out of a martini glass and got excited over the pineapple pizza until i realized it also had ham on it. i felt kind of old, but it was worth it just to see jeff, ryan, and john robare. plus allison + katy are like my extra little sisters. at one point katy was like, "kristen, can i ask you a personal question?" and i got all nervous about what she was gonna ask me, but it turned out to be nothing i couldn't handle.

i have decided that i am going to stop plucking my eyebrows because i clearly overpluck all the time and want them to look more natural. once they grow out more i will reshape them. not so that they're bushy, but fuller than they are right now. i mean, it's obvious i have a lot of hair and i've decided that me trying to look like i have thinnish eyebrows is just retarded.

yeah, that last paragraph was random. i work 6am-2pm today, then have two days off in a row.

i have an appointment at consolidated ink & steel for thursday, june 2nd.

avant que je vous aie rencontré, j'ai rêvé de vous.

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