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stop me and steal my breath.

i am suddenly slightly apprehensive about this summer. in less than 2 weeks i am going back to e. lansing and part of me isn't entirely sure how i feel about it. it could be pretty lonely seeing i will hardly know anyone else there. but i am really excited to have my own space and live on my own again. and my classes! i <3 french & writing, and i could end up with a 3.4 by the end of the summer if i do well.

last week's paychecks = $173 + $192 on the same day. i'd be struck suddenly rich if it weren't for the fact i'm buying a car and subleasing a room soon. managed to get in about 6 hours of overtime at mcdonald's this past week. ALL I DO IS WORK. i am so ready to have today & tomorrow off.

realized the other day that i have virtually no girl friends at home. is that sad? seriously, since my return to linden/fenton i have pretty much hung out exclusively with matt, mike, sam, mason, and nathaniel. oh well, that's me i guess.

received a letter informing me of my dean's list status. ROCK THE FUCK ON. quite the turnaround from last semester!

tonight matt and i are going to have our conches pierced. matt is hardcore because he's gettin' two but i am hardcore because mine's gonna be 10G (hopefully). we are so kickass (this is going to hurt so damn bad). jessie is apparently accompanying us and afterwards i'm pretty sure we are going to taco bell. matt is on a mission to force the two of us to speak to one another. it IS pretty weird to me that my best friend is so into this girl i don't even know. yes, she seems super super nice and all -- but i am weird about other girls, so i just hope she doesn't hate me or anything silly like that.

updated summer plans
june 2nd [last day at work, new tattoo @ consolidated ink & steel]
june 3rd [mike's open house/bye bye party]
june 4th [jeff's open house]
june 5-10th [new york state with my dad ... tentative]
june 11th [get up kids concert]
june 18th [possible roadtrip]
june 26th-july 1st [family vacation to ???]

july 4th [nurenbergs' fourth of july party]
july 5th [my summer classes begin]
july 15-17th [kelly's lakehouse '05!]
july 31st [warped tour]

august 22nd [marching band pre-season]

maybe when i'm done with endings this can begin.

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