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it had not broken after all.

"You try to decide if you should take this as a message of endings. Or beginnings."

i read francesca lia block's necklace of kisses and enjoyed it very much. i actually cried during the last four pages or so. i am working ten 8-hour days in a row at mcdonald's. not the most fun in the world, but the overtime money is definitely good. i am one girl who understands the meaning of the word "work". screw all you kids who don't have jobs (this is not directed at brian, for the record). tomorrow's paycheck will be rather large.

i've been seeing a lot of matt lately. i will miss him a lot when i return to east lansing (i've seen a lot of jeff recently, too, and i will miss him as well). matt went up to flint with me tonight to get some stuff for my mom and me at bed bath & beyond. i bought sheets for brian's double bed that i will be borrowing for the remainder of the summer. they are green and 360 thread count, yay.

also, my car did not find its way to the junkyard afterall; greg stamm fixed it up for me yet again (turns out my front right brakes were permanently on). the car no longer shakes ... at all. it is driving better than it has pretty much since i acquired it! i am so amazed. i <3 my 1991 saturn SL2 and its 238,616 miles.

the trip to new york with my dad fell through, so i might be hitting up the motion city soundtrack show in grand rapids on june 9th. matt & josh droog are goading me into it. ;)

damn. my birthday is really really soon and i don't think i will be doing much of anything at all to celebrate. pretty sad, really. my gift from matt was my conch piercing (see previous entry, it's so killer! but my ear's all purple ... heh). and of course my parents bought me my iTrip/car adaptor for my iPod. getting gifts early kinda leads to disappointment on the actual day, heh.

anyway, i must retire because i work super early tomorrow ... yet again.

if you haven't seen me while i've been home perhaps you should think about it. considering i'm only here for 9 more days.

oh, and quick poll: i took the MSU language placement test and made it into spanish 150. actually a mere one point away from spanish 102. should i take spanish next spring? COMMENT AND TELL ME.

"Find the goddess inside yourself instead of looking for the god in someone else."

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