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though it's not easy to tell you goodbye.

last night started off pretty boring; i talked to matt, jeff, sam, mike, and nathaniel, and all of them already had plans. i finally ended up heading over to jeff's where i hung out with some people. i felt kinda old, but caitlyn came over and i hadn't seen her in foreverrrrrrr. we're talking since her open house last summer! so it was fun to reminisce and try to catch up on the last twelve months or so. everyone started to watch i <3 huckabees but i had to leave about halfway through because i work so super freaking early.

josh droog called me last night. he made my day. "kristen byers, it's ten o'clock on a friday night, WHY AREN'T YOU DRUNK?!" he informed me that i must attend the motion city soundtrack show in grand rapids on june 9th, and also that i am being abducted from east lansing for a weekend when he and some other people make their way out to canada.

everything reminds me of how awesome next fall will be. only seven more days left at mcdonald's. thank god. though yesterday's paycheck was for $252.29 ... woot! although this weekend is going to be really busy. and they keep putting me in the front window aka my least favorite place in the store. *growl*

final week work schedule
saturday: 6am-2pm
sunday: 4am-12pm
monday: 6am-2pm
tuesday: 4am-12pm
wednesday: 7am-3pm
thursday: 6am-2pm
friday: 4am-12pm

hang out with me in the afternoons/evenings, though! :)

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