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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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tell me you're sorry with a straight face.
dinosaur roar

oh east lansing, i adore you. my 1991 saturn made the trip here. and somehow, all of my stuff fit into my tiny SL2. i rode here in my bikini top with the windows down and the stereo up. as i turned onto harrison, it started to rain. brian helped me unload my stuff just in time; it started pouring. merely minutes after i had gotten everything unpacked and my computer hooked up and turned on, the power went out. it came back on about ten minutes later, but by that time it was decided that matt, nikki, brian, and i were going to crunchy's. so we did. and i had some really good tacos.

then we came back to the house and brian and i went over to the campus radio station in the basement of holden hall to be on sit or spin. it was a good time and i met some nice kids. it was weird to be in a deserted residence hall, though.

me eating while here is going to be rather interesting, considering i don't cook. at all.

work @ TIC tomorrow, then bear vs. shark with brian and ashley.

it's good to be home.

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GAH! I'm so jealous of you already. *shakes fist angrily and jealously*

I miss Ypsilanti a lot. Ann Arbor rocks. EMU isn't the greatest school in the world, but it isn't too bad. I mean I have had two U of M profs. That and I don't have to worry about 30 minute trips to get to the other side of campus like you. Yay for EMU being compact. That and I'm a huge nerd. I want to be in class so that I can continue to nerd it up. Oh well.

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