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said i loved you but i lied.

so amy sawade (michigan) became the first person to wish me a happy birthday today by changing my facebook wall. then mary liz priestly just called me on the phone. talk about long lost friends, man. it's her birthday today, too ... we were so fascinated by that when we were kids. she told me to have a fantastic day.

tonight dad is coming up to take me out to dinner. yay. :)

the turfgrass information center is just as i left it. i went grocery shopping shortly after work on monday. i purchased what i deemed as essentials: juice, soup, bagels, cream cheese, hamburger helper, care bears fruit snacks, a quart of milk, tampons, clear mascara, and orange nail polish.

ashley & co. came out for the bear vs. shark show. it was a good time, although i was less than pleased with the three opening bands and i reeked of smoke afterwards.

matt turned on the air conditioning in the house yesterday. that's good because the house was extremely hot and icky. that's also bad because AC = $$$$.

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