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so i have this problem. the get up kids are playing in michigan again on march 8th at st. andrew's hall. wo0oO0oOo0oOoo0oO0o .. guess that's not really the problem. last time i saw them with amy & rachel the summer after sophomore year, they were amazing. i must go to this show. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning. i kept enough money out of my second huge holiday paycheck to buy myself a ticket.

the only problem is, i have no one to go with. i'm not sure amy's parents would be so hot about the idea of her going. i'm not really friends with rachel anymore. mike said he'd rather not go because he's never heard of them, and would his parents let him drive that far with me anyway? probably not. jeff said he would consider it, only if i found no one else to go with and if the opening band was decent. kathy has no money to buy herself a ticket. i don't think caitlyn's ever heard of the get up kids. i don't really want to go alone because, i mean, it IS detroit. i guess that's another option: going alone and writing about it for my english seminar experience paper. but ... i'd just rather not.

so what is a girl to do?

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