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the get up kids concert (x4?)

i went into mcdonald's yesterday afternoon to pick up my check. ashley polinski was like, "is your hair always curly? you look like a completely different person, man!" haha. apparently i was looking too hot for mcd's, because when i said hi to cameron he just gave me the once-over and said, "kristen .... whoa." that made me feel good.

so last night nathaniel, rachel, dayna, amy, kelly, matt, and i ventured down to the majestic theatre to see the get up kids' final detroit show. after some creative driving tactics on natahaniel's part and watching the majority of mean girls, we arrived. we discovered frankis in the massive line waiting outside the venue. as it turns out, straylight run was opening. it doesn't get much better than that, folks .... minus the fact the concert was extremely hot. i finally purchased a green get up kids band camp t-shirt, which makes me happy.

matt and i managed to get pretty close to the front of the crowd. i surprised myself immensely by knowing all but the final straylight run song. and of course i knew all of the get up kids' goodness! i <3 ten minutes. as the final song i will ever hear them play live, i went completely nuts. much to the annoyance of the girl directly in front of me. but i didn't care; i'm little and wasn't hurting anyone and it was fun shoving my way around.

we all stopped at taco bell on the way home. mmmmm. except it was drive-thru only, there were 7 extremely giggly people crammed into nathaniel's parents' envoy, and the poor girl taking our order was pretty much running the entire place. "light ice?" oh man. i felt for her. upon arrival at my house, i had to sleep on the couch, but the rest of the night was so amazing it completely made up for my crummy sleeping conditions.

my tattoo is peel-y and gross and my hair is really big right now. did you know there is this theory that it is terrible for people with curly hair to use shampoo? like every ingredient in shampoo is awful for curls. so there is this line of products by devacurl called "no poo". you literally don't wash your hair and just use this stuff instead. this is so my scene; i swear i am purchasing some immediately.

i am now looking forward to next saturday immensely. i am forecasting fun with matt, sam, jeff, and kathy!! (so here's hoping kathy gets better times twelve.)

...but first i have to make it through 40 hours of turfgrass. i am learning how to abstract tomorrow, which could either be exciting or extremely boring. i kind of can't wait for my summer classes to start.

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