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the harrison house.

so i haven't really mentioned anything about my current living situation yet. thus far, things have been going really great. minus my cooking skills, because i possess none. i set my alarm for 8:07am every morning, hit the snooze twice, then finally get up and eat a bowl of cereal before walking to the main library. eventually i will ride my bike but right now my tires are flat and i am too lazy to do anything about it (and too busy enjoying the beautiful weather to really mind walking).

east lansing is pretty empty but not completely dead. a lot of campus is under construction. AOPs started yesterday, though, so i've been seeing the buses and the walking tours when i'm out near the library. it's weird that the farthest east i've been on campus is the library. i consider it to be pretty far west. i guess i'm just an east sider at heart (oh south hubbard how i miss thee!). i have only driven to meijer's twice (once to the one out by meridian mall and once to the one on lake lansing road). gas is expensive so i haven't gone anywhere else.

brian's room is the biggest room i have ever had to myself. also the biggest bed. i have 360 thread count sheets that i bought on clearance at bed bath & beyond. mmmmmmmmm sheet-y goodness! brian has instructed me that if i "bone" in his bed this summer, i must thoroughly wash the mattress pad and never speak to him of the event. i assured brian there would be no boning in his bed.

last night colin gross came back from europe. dirtying of the semi-clean house is sure to ensue. gross pestered me until i watched blade trinity with him, matt, and mark. matt and gross were having an argument about the temperature of the house (we have the AC on). gross was adament that it should be warm enough for him to walk around in his underwear comfortably. "because it is summer!" but matt kept saying he was hot and kept turning the air on colder and colder. all i know for sure is that gross should not be permitted to walk around wearing only his boxer briefs, but i fear i have no say in the matter.

mark has taken to calling me "fucktard". i assume this is normal behavior. he barged into my room drunk on sunday night yelling, "brian! brian! hey you're not brian." then proceeded to inform me that he knew everyone in all of the pictures on my dresser (who mark clearly does not know). then mark told me i was being boring and left. tammy arrived back from georgia and tried to get mark to come help her move stuff back into her place, but mark was being a useless drunk and insisted on watching the simpsons, family guy, and american dad.

dude. i think i am the only one in this household lacking a significant other.

i miss matt a lot. we've been having some rather deep conversations at home lately that i have come to enjoy immensely. matt and sam and mason called me today, that was nice. the longer i'm here the more reasons i find to be at home. le sigh.

roughly 67 days until 318 w. shaw becomes home.

i just took a shower and painted my toenails "super-charged". it's a pretty orange color courtesy of meijer's. :)

would you quit being friends with me if i quit washing my hair?

no, i'd still love you!
kristen ... that's gross.

should i get more piercings??

of course - you always have more room!
maybe ... depends on what it is.
you have way too many holes already.
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