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glassmen all-star review

yesterday (friday) evening ashley arrived at 212 n. harrison and we ventured to my home where we discovered cans of jones soda cream soda. mmmmm. from there we ventured to matt's house, where we were promptly fed a delicious meal of chicken pockets, pita & hummus, and jello cake. sam showed up after awhile and jessie also stopped by for a few minutes. overall, good conversation was had. then ashley and i came back to my house around 3am and crashed on my couch for the night.

today was AMAZING. i went down to toledo with sam, matt, jeff, and ashley. we went to goodwill, visited the mall in toledo, participated in the glassmen clinic, and watched the drum corps show of course. we totally passed kevin berry while driving south on US-23. it was so funny. ashley and everyone else seemed to get along really well which makes me happy. we got to speak with mike briefly, and i had to fill up my line during the glassmen clinic and ended up marching next to mike. whenever they told us to go ahead and stretch it out i was just gushing to him about how amazed i was. he asked, "that i'm doing this?" and i was like, "yeah, this whole thing!" i love my friends and today gave me this feeling like i need to get out there and DO something. shit, my new goal is not only to make the block this upcoming marching season, but to make second trumpet in the SMB. my lack of internet at the harrison house = me locking myself in a fucking practice room tomorrow.

i'm entertaining the idea of auditioning for drum corps in the fall but am considering how i could make it work financially. le sigh.

i ended up with a total of 7 new shirts today (well, 4 of them were from goodwill so i guess those are technically only new to me). I NEED TO STOP SPENDING MONEY AND STOP LEAVING WORK EARLY. my punishment to myself is now working 8am-5pm at turfgrass monday through wednesday this week. bagghhh. although i really have nothing else better to do. work and music? yeah, that's what i thought.

anyway - i gotta run because ashley and i are headed back to e. lansing tonight.

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