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silly dream (no, molly, no!)

Forest - if you were frightened [in the forest], you can expect to be let down by someone on whom you rely.

Foliage - this dream pertains to affairs of the heart and/or sex relations. If the foliage was fresh and pleasantly healthy, it is an augury of improving (or continuing) pleasant experience.

Father - forecasts progress in business, professional, or career matters.

Dog - a fierce or snarling dog suggests disagreements or untrustworthy friend; and if it bit or attacked, you are being warned to look out for actual deceit or harmful trickery from someone you have trusted.

Bite - you may uncover a secret that you'd rather not know if you dreamed of being bitten by an animal. There is a suggestion in this dream that you refrain from prying into the affairs of others.

Deep Red - forecasts unexpected good news.

Truck - a comfortable life and community recognition are predicted in a dream of riding in or driving a truck.

Glass - broken glass predicts changing conditions.

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