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family vacation '05

oh dial-up, how i loathe thee.

i am on my dad's hp laptop in a hotel room in st. louis. i've been downloading AIM for 24 minutes and it's only 80% done. i do not miss these days.

discovered i got ditched on saturday night. god i love it when that happens.

last night my family and i stayed in downtown indianapolis. we went to the mall there where i bought two new summer-esque shirts and bras/underwear from victoria's secret. we ate dinner at bucca di bepo and it was super good!

dad insisted upon waking us up at the asscrack of dawn today. we ate at einstein bros. bagels for breakfast and arrived in st. louis around 1:30pm today. we then went to the union station, and it was kinda weird because that is exactly where we went first thing on the band trip five years ago. my family had our caricature drawn and it turned out really cute (and quite accurate).

there is nothing else to report, really. my FRN 202 & WRA 202 classes start a week from tomorrow.

i think sometime in july i am going to have like a "super belated birthday party" and basically use that as an excuse to have some friends up to the harrison house.

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