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you made the mistakes (now you throw this in my face).

+ joe and i went to taco bell yesterday. only because the chinese place was closed (grrrrrr). joe refers to the crunch wrap as a "ninja star". i am amused by this.

+ i haven't worn the shorts i am wearing today in so long. in fact, i found $3 folded in the front left pocket and a sticky note of things to buy for québec in the back right pocket.

+ i have been on a song downloading kick lately. newest additions to my iPod include nirvana, the spice girls' solo albums (melanie c's beautiful intentions is actually not bad), the higher (thanks to josh droog), and some relient k. yes i know i'm random.

Poll #530958 new music

recommend a song for me to download, why don't you.

+ my first FRN 202 exam was this morning and i think it went quite well, minus a few possessive pronouns i wasn't sure about (soi? there was no on in the sentence!).

+ on thursday i am going to cedar point with mason, matt, and sam. we got discounted tickets through AAA and we're taking our own food to compensate for the utterly ridiculous price of gas right now.

+ i have a lot of homework to complete before i do anything fun, and actually even more work to do this weekend (while at kelly's!). argh. 7 credits worth of summer classes is a bitch.
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