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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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i'll keep you from sinking.
dinosaur roar

new S2 layout. i figured out how to add a picture (yes, the once elementary things are now SO HARD to do)!!! it's hot.

i realized last night that kelly's lakehouse will be completely different than last year due to the lack of matt & mike. they were so entertaining last summer! (kathy says "my boys" = "matty and mikey". damn straight.) i have pictures of them licking each others' faces in the back of kelly's van, mike giving matt a lapdance, and of course mike wearing the jingle bells/balls over his swim trunks. oh good times. WHERE ARE YOU FUN THAT I HAD LAST SUMMER?! errrrrr.

perhaps i will find my fun tomorrow @ cedar point (FUCK YOU, THUNDERSTORMS). or this weekend @ kelly's. or july 29-31 (extravagant weekend #1).

dude. i would like to take this moment to point out that this is the longest i've been single since i started dating. is it pathetic that i can't get a guy? or more pathetic that i can't seem to live happily without one?

actually, i think it's most pathetic that i continue to let myself be a piece of ass.

i'm not sure why i am choosing this moment to be upset with myself.

i've burned a few bridges that need to be rebuilt. then there's a few that can stay burned for all i care.

i need to get that program for my cell phone that doesn't let you call certain numbers after a certain time. i'm so afraid of screwing life up further for myself. but so far this summer i've been good about laying off the drunk dials (probably because i've been drunk a grand total of ... two? three? times). the only ones i did make were harmless.

i love the paid accounts poll feature. and i bet you do, too. ;)

Poll #531637 ear stretching

is 9/16" too big for my ears?

do it; it'll be awesome.

i'm coming home after class today. do you want to hang out with me?

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(Deleted comment)
it is one-sixteenth of an inch bigger than what i am at now.

i like the new layout. i specifically like the quotes for the comment links. nice. anyway, about the boyfriend thing... i think you need to love yourself single before you can love someone else. take it from me- i was single for an entire year which was as strange for me as it is for you to be single. think of how much fun you've had without a boy! you're great just being you. you don't need someone to help you have fun or help you be fun. eventually someone will come along and you'll be great together but not great because of each other.

also, kelly's lake house should be a rockin' good time!

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