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yeah cedar point!!

okay. so yesterday i ventured to cedar point with matt, sam, and mason. i had a GREAT time. it was supposed to rain but we decided to chance it anyway ... then it ended up not raining until right as we were leaving (at 9pm!). we took our own food, which was very tasty. i finally rode the millenium force (it was closed the last time i was there). and i rode the top thrill dragster. the motherfucking dragster! twice! AND I LOVED IT.

this coming from the girl who didn't even ride roller coasters until last year.

we were at cedar point for eleven hours. i was sunburnt and exhausted. on the way home matt and mason were talking about hair dye vs. sun-in and sam started yelling, "BOOBS! BEER! FOOTBALL!" i have to admit their conversation was slightly girly. there was also talk about douching and yeast infections (wtf?). needless to say, we were very slap-happy on the way home.

we did stop at taco bell and we all got crunch wraps. except we were in ohio and they had spicy chicken ones! it was a little too hot for me but would've been good with regular chicken.

i am excited for this weekend but have a feeling it might be overshadowed by the amount of homework i am also expected to get done.

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