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if i had balls, i would tell DPPS to lick them.

msu's website is in dire need of a serious redesign. not only is it disorganized, but the server OBVIOUSLY cannot handle the traffic of everyone trying to buy a parking pass all at once.

i woke up at 7:47am to purchase my parking pass (supposedly available online at 8am). i just now FINALLY got through and purchased my lot 91 parking pass at 4:35pm. there goes another $114 from my checking account.

i was told this weekend that my [ankle] tattoo is "classy". i like that.

when i arrived back at the harrison house last night, i discovered colin in my parking spot once again due to the mysterious appearance of a silver grand am. wtf. so i had to take someone else's spot, and now i'm blocked in. not that i was going to go anywhere, but still. PEOPLE WHO DON'T LIVE IN THOSE TOWN HOUSES SHOULD NOT PARK BEHIND THEM. (end rant)

the three laptops i have listed on eBay are going for a combined total of $91. woot! i'm listing a bunch of my prom/homecoming dresses next week. speaking of eBay ... wouldn't it be fun to buy a huge wholesale condom lot?! although at this point i don't think i would use 120 condoms by october of 2009.

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