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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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& then you bring me home.
dinosaur roar

so last night jeff tempted me to come home with promises of taco bell. CRUNCHWRAPS ARE SO GOOD. kathy went with us and then we all played perfect dark, mario tennis, and halo 2. i actually beat kathy at halo one of the times. it sucks that mom won't let us have xbox live, though.

this morning dad went with me to get my oil changed. he marveled at how much my stick shift driving has improved.

tomorrow: dermatologist appointment & lunch with matthew! i also plan to wash/vaccuum my car. my grumpy bear floormats are all muddy already.

thursday: last i heard, ashley may be coming out to chill and then she'll run her errands while i attend class and work on friday.

ALSO: i have to create an iPod playlist for this saturday when matt, sam, ashley, and i go down to indianapolis. that's 4 hours worth of music, kids, and i am open to suggestions. ;)

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add a song to our indianapolis roadtrip playlist.

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are you missing more class than you should be? i think maybe!


ashley is still coming to do her thang on thursday evening and her errands on friday.

i have only missed one french class, and that was when i went to cedar point. ;)

P.S. i forgot my towels at home (AGAIN! i used to do that all the time during the school year when i would take my laundry home.) do you think when you come up you could bring me a bath towel to borrow? then i may actually bathe myself. ... ;)

would you mind doing me a huge favor? Can you tell me what "Beautiful Soul" is in french? Thanks!

that's what I thought it was, thanks a bunch, hun!

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