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she leads a lonely life.

yesterday after work i made the trek home yet again. i ate at TACO BELL with matt and jeff. i'm convinced one can never have too many crunchwraps. then we went to matt's house where we were joined by grant and john robare to watch constantine. super good movie even though i STILL don't completely understand it.

i hate going to the dermatologist because they are ridiculously slow. and i made an appointment for august that i will probably be unable to keep due to marching band practice. errrrr. i might be able to make it back to linden by 6:45 but it'll be tight. i may have to have matt or mike or sam or someone else capable of driving my car get it out of the parking lot for me and meet me at practice ..... we'll see.

so i was supposed to eat lunch at pizza hut with kc, kathy, and dad ... but because i took so long at the dermatologist's dad just gave me money and i ate at burger king all alone. :( i went to VG's and matt's stepdad filled my acne prescriptions. i also vaccuumed out my car. have i mentioned i love my car? i filled up my gas tank and figured out i am getting 37.3 mpg. FUCKIN' SWEET.


i have a feeling this is going to end up being one of the best weeks of my summer.

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