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so i just got hired as a MASPS night receptionist (mason-abbott-snyder-phillips-shaw), which also gives me permission to move in on sunday, august 21st! i'm really excited. although i can't believe i am going to attempt to work two jobs AND do marching band ... it's going to be insane, but i am looking forward to this fall soooooooo much. :)

one of my night recep interview questions was, "if you were a fruit what kind would you be and why?" i picked avocado.

my summer classes are almost over and i am currently 4.0'ing both WRA 202 & FRN 202.

might be hanging out with ashley this weekend? plans are still uncertain. i know i have to go home at some point to pick up my stuff for move-in. woot. as soon as one weekend is over i am already looking forward to the next (so what else is new?).

i never get text messages and yesterday i received 17 of them. oh my.

this past weekend was super fun. friday night i rented ma vie en rose avec kathy. :) then saturday morning i went to the farmer's market with my mom and dad. i also bought my tie dye futon cover from bed bath & beyond and 3 pairs of shorts for marching band from sports authority. kathy and i went to matt's and we helped paint matt & nathaniel's loft. it's a really pretty green. then we went home and i was working on my french presentation when john robare informed me we were going to hang out. so we went down to ann arbor and saw the midnight showing of fear & loathing in las vegas at the state theatre. we totally infiltrated the "other" school's campus. and we ate at jimmy john's at 2am. mmmmm. you can't beat that.

last night as i was about to go to bed joe came in and i ended up talking to him for like two hours. i don't get nearly enough sleep lately, but talking certainly tops my priority list. i'm off to take a nap before class.

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