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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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T minus 7 days until pre-season.
dinosaur roar

kc and i are cooler than you because we did boxdrill in our yard today.

why mom decided our sisterly bonding time was so precious she had to take pictures, the world will never know.

i practiced my block audition piece for the ten millionth time today. i am starting to be able to hit the high C slightly more consistently. cross your fingers for me that i don't freak out during my actual block audition and undershoot it.


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how old is your sister? she's not at state is she? i am soooo confused...

hahaha no! she is a freshman in high school but she marched as an eighth grader. so that makes her ... fourteen?

ooooooh look at those matching horn angles ;)

Forget my cheerleader fetish. From now on it's nothing but marching band. lol

Any photo sequence like that with my brother and I would quickly degrade into us using the instruments as weapons. So I'm sure your mom is just happy that she has children who don't wish death upon each other. I know my mom would be.

LOOK AT MY BABY!!! (the car that is... neither of you)

talk about hott

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