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i'm a good soul; martyr me.

it's been a good weekend. exams are FINALLY over, what a relief. i'm super proud of my calculus exam grade (B+), pretty pissed about my physics grade, though. i had a straight 95% all semester and the C- on the exam brought me down to an 89.6%. bahhh. whatever, i guess. after this the top ten is final so a lot of stress over grades should go away. i had a dream last night that i got my report card and it had zeros all the way across, like they had given me no credit for all these classes i was not signed up for, and it brought my GPA down to a 1.41 (weird dream or what?).

anyway. friday night i worked from 3-6pm. then i headed over to caitlyn's to make spring break plans with jeff, mike, bill, caitlyn, and lori. we didn't accomplish a whole lot, just established that parents will most likely be accompanying us on this trip. (awww, that's no fun..) toronto is sure to be awesome, though. we are planning on taking a train and staying at the delta chelsea hotel downtown. woot!

yesterday was very fun. sheltered played the girl scouts rock benefit concert at the flint local 432. there was a professional photographer, newspaper people, and of course tons of girl scouts (i got a free shirt!). the new local location is SO much better than the other one. and i never thought i'd say this, but i would play there again. the crowd actually had a good reaction to us! these two little girl scouts asked us for our autographs! it was so cute. we gave them handfuls of our buttons, too. i felt so special. we played 10 songs, only 2 of which were covers. we need to cut a demo.

we talked to the icicles afterwards (their four-band consisted of members who looked exactly like ms. freund, sarah gibbs, mrs. diskin, and neo from the matrix). they from grand rapids and had a lot of car trouble on the way over, including leaving one car full of equipment behind at a rest stop in lansing. so i let the drummer borrow my floor tom. :)

after we played, a bunch of us went to eat at the torch bar & grill. it was highly eventful. whitney called josh on her cell phone every 5 minutes, i was the indirect cause of mike getting pepper in his eyes, and the girl that waited on us was a real bitch.

after we finally left the local, lori, amy, jeff, mike, and i all went to mike's house. we watched the movie christina's house which turned out to be mostly confusing and dumb. we all pigged out on the girl scout cookies sheltered received for playing. yummmmmm. i think i ate like an entire box of the chocolate-covered peanut butter ones.

now it's only sunday and i have nothing to do. plus, there is no school tomorrow! THANK GOODNESS. much needed 3-day weekend. i work 8am-4pm tomorrow. hooray for eight-hour workdays!

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