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laugh & cry.

i really don't know what is up right now. all i know for sure is that i am a major wimp sometimes. i don't stand up for myself and i don't know how to ask boys out. i do know that i am making awesome new friends while losing touch with a few select old ones, i'm scared as fuck to audition for phantom regiment (BUT EXCITED TOO!!!), and my new trumpet sweatshirt is really soft inside.

this weekend should be fun. friday night after rehearsal the trumpets are watching anchorman and eating pizza together (once again i am mystified that my section has actually become cool). saturday is the homecoming game vs. northwestern, followed by spartan spectacle! i plan to party it up afterwards with daza, rakowski, and glasby might also be gracing us with his presence. also, greg said that my car will be fixed either friday or monday, so that's good news as well.

dear ashley,
go home more often so i can sleep naked again. ;)

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