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halloween parties, etc.

whose football team was that on the field yesterday??? AND WHY CAN'T THE SPARTANS PLAY LIKE THAT EVERY SATURDAY?!

amazing weekend. friday night i hung out with chelsea. we went to kinko's to shrink our music, and there we ran into scrubs and one of the bass drummers. from there we went to chelsea's house where we ate popcorn and watched silence of the lambs. we were eventually joined by cathy & eric, who ended up driving me home shortly after midnight.

saturday's game was amazing. i had a good show, both pregame and halftime. i hit the A-flat during state fanfare (for some reason that note doesn't usually like to come out when i'm all out of breath) and our cartoon show went better than expected, even though the crowd response could've been better.

after the game i dined with ashley and took a much-needed nap. then we donned our costumes, chelsea arrived, and the three of us headed to jeremy's where ashley was once again one of the first people there. jeremy is really cool. he gave me a house cup and a shot of scotch. plus they had a pumpkin full of that recipe from the state news a few days ago (seagram's black cherry & coke, mmmmm). then a bunch of trumpets showed up and we decided to make our way over to cory & wayne's, which was absolutely HOPPING.

wayne said, "it's getting to the point where i don't know half the people here."

and it was true. our band party had been invaded. so after 3 beers, captain jack sparrow (aka marc compton) doing a kegstand, and a very drunken todd taking a SHITLOAD of pictures, chelsea, evan, cathy, eric, and i headed BACK to jeremy's. the walk there consisted mostly of me talking to eric on the policewomen's walkie talkies about my failed attempt to ask a certain boy out on thursday night. once there, evan & i had to scrounge for cups, jeremy was running out of anchorman quotes, and the power went out momentarily.

it was quite a night. my costume was pretty kickin; i got a lot of compliments on my holsters and my eyelashes. drunk people kept trying to take my pistols though, so i had to keep them strapped in.

me, ashley, and chelsea.

trevor, anthony, brian burt, dave metz, chelsea, & me.

chelsea & cathy. don't you just love the sesquicentennial parade patches?! i do.

evan & me! he actually wasn't wasted this time!

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