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so one disappointing loss and 2 shaven forearms later, this weekend is finally drawing to a close.

i sat with evan on the bus. the busride there and back was actually pretty fun. jim & tyler ran games of trivia with starbursts for the prizes. the game included questions like "who was the first trumpet freshman to puke this year?" and "what IS matthew pagel's middle name?" other favorites included "when beene got high his freshman year, who drove him to taco bell?" and "how drunk is evan RIGHT NOW?"

my housing group for the trip consisted of ashley vincent, allison grojean, cathy, chelsea, and me. our host family had a bonfire and a HOT TUB. mmmmm. plus we had some super interesting bathing suits. i think chelsea's was the most flattering. i told the story of my fatal drunk dial and we talked about huddle dates and who might try out for section leader next year. oh, and i learned ashley tried out for phantom regiment last year and then decided she didn't want to do it! i totally did not know that. we ate s'mores and brauts and lots of other stuff. it was a pretty good night even though i didn't exactly get a ton of sleep.

i had a pretty good show at purdue, minus my side of the field not being able to hear aaron count off for batman & spiderman. yikes! we recovered alright though. the purdue band is very 70's, as corey ganssley put it. the arrangements of some of their pieces were really nice; however, their movements were undefined and they used flip folders for EVERYTHING, including their own alma mater!!! wtf?! and of course piccolos always sound like shit. ;)

evan ended up riding home from west lafayette with his parents so i had an entire seat to myself on the way home. much sleep was had. i did wake up to watch dodgeball though, and sarah wernette sat with me for a little bit.

i thought about going over to cory & wayne's last night, but instead i just took a shower and promptly passed out. today will be spent practicing trumpet and putting together my online portfolio. NO REHEARSAL ON MONDAY. that's awesome, and will provide me with plenty of studying time for econ.

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