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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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you were not the same after that.
dinosaur roar

my apologies for the last entry. i am not usually an angry/hateful person. at all. i am usually just kind of ... there.

and like mike [sort of] pointed out the other day, my AIM profiles are always sad. i tried to explain that i think that any amount of sadness in me is always channeled there, through snippets of old conversations or song lyrics that have no real relevance, except to how i used to feel.

so, how 'bout the past?

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hello. you don't know me, but i was searching random livejournals and yours came up. just thought i'd let you know i think you have one of the coolest and best taste in music. go you! well, have a magnificent day. (oh, and i read your last entry, and no, you're not the only one still toying with that many college choices. i know lots of my friends are still quite unsure. i've narrowed mine down. but regardless, you'll be fine.) good day. God bless.

oh and i might add you to my friends list. okay, bye.

i added you back! :)

yay for good music.

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