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this is how it feels to not believe.

kathy gave me a livejournal nudge. i had no idea you could do that. but here is an update, just for her. =P

a brief breakdown of my classes this semester:

WRA 370: Editing & Style
this class is going to be more exciting than i thought; it might actually be worth having an 8am two days a week. lots of writing. something i haven't done in awhile.

WRA 410: Advanced Web Authoring
instead of buying books for this class, we had to purchase a webdomain for the duration of the semester. i chose they guy i had the interview with @ the MATRIX (dean rehberger) is my prof. clearly, this class is going to be sweet.

WRA 360: Visual Rhetoric
i finally get to have danielle as a prof, and she is fucking amazing. plus she's got tattoos on her feet, which makes her even cooler. lots of cool PW kids in this class, including jessica. i am looking forward to all the crazy projects and discussions for this 4-credit class.

FRN 340: Reading French Lit.
ugh. this class is going to be a bitch. my prof is a cute old man, but i can barely keep up with his super fast french. he even gave the directions for our first quiz en français! talk about nerve-wracking. this one is gonna be tough.

ENG 226: Intro to Creative Writing
this class is going to be absolutely amazing. we just have to write 2 longer fiction pieces and workshop them. i also get to read like 25 of my classmates' papers throughout the semester and critique them. sounds a lot like honors english seminar. word.

dropped campus band, got hired at the state news. this semester promises to be great.

Dear Cupid,

This year, I've had my ups and downs in the love department.

shadesofsummer was video taping me while I was changing then put it up on the internet and now I’m a huge star.
I learned that ravvivato is damn kinky. I mean... KINKY. K-I-N-K-Y. Like you wouldn’t believe..
curcurutos and I got caught hooking up at the movies and now we are banned from the theatre.

So as you can see it's been a hectic year. Can you please make da_dazz hook up with me this Valentine's day?


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