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you're a sucker for anything acoustic.

but when i say let's keep in touch, i really mean i wish that you'd grow up.

i have not had a real update in forever.

camp this weekend was pretty sweet, even though i was SUPER sore all day yesterday. the sops got our section shorts (already?! wtf, matt matt). we went to the silverdome saturday and set our entire the first 22 sets of the opener. holy SHIT. let's just say i have never marched harder drill in my life. it's cuh-RAZY. well ... it's drum corps.

i also showered saturday after we got back to g-west. that's right, you read that correctly. i, kristen byers, showered. yes, like bathed. in a cold shower. with other girls.

my updated passport came in the mail to my house last week. i am so excited for this summer.

mike millhaem and i sang disney tunes the entire way home from camp. well, the entire way to ann arbor at least.

yesterday i had an interview with the yakeley-gilchrist hall directors for a mid-semester mentor position opening on their honors floor. i really hope the interview went well. i should find out today or tomorrow if they chose me and if i will be moving into gilchrist next week or not.

jordan came up last night and we went out to eat at mitchell's fish market. mmmmm. then we watched the alvin & the chipmunks movie.

this weekend i am going home. friday night is a trip to the mall with jordan & kathy, then perhaps hanging out at bill's on saturday night? gotta fill out the FAFSA with mom & dad this weekend as well.

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