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i loved you, and i should've said it.

but tell me just what has it ever meant?

i've been super busy with school and work and glassmen and the boyfriend and such. i'm doing really well this semester. i am redesigning the TDX website for my 410 final project and probably making my own professional online portfolio for my 360 final. lots of work, i'm not gonna lie. i am only taking 13 credits but it feels like 20. what the hell. i ended up with a ton of work intensive classes. i turned in my first 12-page paper for creative writing yesterday. it will be workshopped in class on thursday. woot. one down, one more to go. SO. MUCH. WORK.

i'm a little stressed, if you couldn't tell.

haven't seen daza or matt michalski in awhile ... that makes me sad. :(

was listening to my iPod on random last night and realized i have a lot of CRAP on there. hrmph.

nuzzle like a bunny!

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