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i always remind people of...who is she?

get the moonlight outta your hair.

so my spring break is going to be pretty lame i've decided. i guess yeah, it's all in what i make of it, but it's just not looking too good as of right now. the shaw cafeteria isn't open during break so that's going to be quite the inconvenience. wtf, it's in the center of campus?! i swear it was open during last spring break. good grief. guess i'm going to phillips or yakeley to eat.

tomorrow morning i have an appointment with an honors college advisor to figure out what the hell is up with my gen ed requirements and if i have actually fulfilled them or not.

tomorrow afternoon through monday morning i will be in toledo for the glassmen monte carlo. monday afternoon i work @ turfgrass (which has been MUCH better since i got promoted, for the record). jordan will be up on monday/tuesday and i am excited for that, but he can't stay long because of course he has school.

next weekend i have a glassmen rehearsal camp and i NEED to practice. i have just been SO busy the past couple weeks. but i guess that's what it takes to continue four-pointing all my classes this semester. ;) the good news is i've continued working out so at least drill won't kill me. i was gonna try to go into olin before next weekend because my back has been acting up SUPER bad lately...but my new insurance policy isn't in effect yet. OMG SO MUCH STRESS. you know, i'm just waiting for them to like x-ray my back and shit and tell me i'm fucked and shouldn't march SMB, much less glassmen. HOW PISSED WOULD I BE. extremely. we'll leave it at that.

give into love or live in fear.

i'm also upset that i probably can't take italian next year. i'm not going to have enough money to march drum corps this summer and then not work while taking 17 credits in the fall. shit. why are my parents always right?

tyler helped me download some custom filters for photoshop, so that's pretty sweet. i'm in love with my new glass and shadowlab filters.

what do you do when you look in the mirror and staring at you is why he's not here?

yeah, so ashley was saying how lucky i am not to have any midterms this week. well, i don't have any finals either, but let me tell you: MY FINAL PROJECTS ARE GOING TO BE A BITCH. four of them. FOUR! i'd rather have one or two multiple choice or short answer beasts to contend with than have these four huge projects weighing on my shoulders. the editing final for 370 is going to be the most difficult i think. followed by 410, then 360, then eng226.


and this is why i don't update livejournal anymore.

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