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mistake a nervous flash for a fine-line smile.

monte carlo this past weekend turned out better than expected. talked to sam and matt, who i hadn't seen in what felt like foreverrrrr. mike dragged them down to toledo to volunteer since we were really short help on sunday. SO MANY POOR PEOPLE. anyway. we rolled back into east lansing around 3:30am on monday. i worked for a couple hours monday afternoon, then jordan came up. we ate dinner at pita pit and then i absolutely crashed. i slept for like 18 hours. it was nice. then yesterday we lounged around, watched the girl next door, fixed my computer speakers, and made a meijer run. jordan had to leave early this morning for class and now i am sad. :(

work is lame. i need to be practicing trumpet, working on my 410 wireframe, and playing the sims 2.

i started putting together items to take home so i am not stuck dealing with moving everything out at the end of the school year.

i am not looking forward to sleeping in my dorm alone tonight. the room is pretty creepy when you are there by yourself.

mom told me i should take kc to camp this weekend. hahaha. my mother must not be as opposed to drum corps as she claims. ;)

speaking of drum corps, cathy is on's main page today, hahaha.

they say if you have over 43 you're spoiled!!

[x] a cell phone
[ ] a hair straightener
[x] your own computer
[x] your own car
[x] good grades
total : 4

[ ] chanel/dior sunglasses/glasses/gucci
[ ] burberry purse
[x] a boyfriend/girlfriend/seeing someone
[ ] a curling iron
total: 1

[x] every fall out boy cd
[x] something from american eagle
[x] something from abercrombie
[x] something from hot topic
[ ] a pet
total: 4

[x] some type of trophy/award
[ ] Full/Queen size bed
[ ] King size bed
[x] a mini ipod (or nano) or video or regular mp3 player
[ ] a jersey from a professional team
total: 2

[x] more than $100
[x] a radio/cd player
[ ] Monster,Full Throttle,Amp,Etc. In Your Fridge
[x] something related to Green Day
[x] xanga
total: 4

[x] myspace
[x] make-up
[x] a desk in your room
[ ] a hill in your backyard
[x] DDR (DVR)
total: 4

[ ]a pair of skis
[x] alarm clock
[ ] a pair of ice skates
[ ] rollerblades
[ ] treadmill
total: 1

[ ] your own phone line (not including cell phone)
[x] AIM
[x] Yahoo!
[x] MSN
[ ] ICQ
total: 3

[x] perfume/cologne
[x] bath and body works lotion
[x] necklaces & bracelets
[x] a journal/diary online
[x] toothbrush
total: 5

[ ] yogurt & peaches in your fridge
[x] x's in your screename
[ ] a birthday in january
[ ] a famous relative
[x] a relative that lives in a different state OR country
total: 2

[x] a disowned relative
[ ] an electric scooter
[ ] your own bathroom
[x] your own band (well, i USED to, does that count?)
[x] any rock band shirts
total: 3

[ ] gamecube
[ ] a guitar
[ ] a hammock
[ ] a basketball hoop
[ ]a soccer net
total: 0

[x] a bike
[ ] a mini van
[x] a relative that lives in Florida
[ ] a vc andrews book
[x] a friend who does alcohol/drugs/smokes
total: 3

[ ] bad grades...
[ ] a locker at school
[ ] a baby
[ ] a pet chimpanzee
[x] sparkly blue nail polish
total: 1

[ ] a "vote for pedro" tshirt/hoody
[ ] the movie "the 40 year old virgin"
[ ] a promise ring
[ ] a pool table
[ ] swimming pool
toal: 0

[ ] trampoline
[x] livejournal
[x] flip flops
[x] steve madden shoes
[x] the sims 2
total: 4

[ ] a ping pong table
[ ] air hockey table
[x] a basement
[x] converses
[x] construction paper
total: 4

[x] markers, crayons, etc
[ ] coloring books
[x] a nice singing voice
[x] XBOX
[ ] PS2
[ ] PSP
[x] PS
total: 4

[ ] some type of disease
[ ] rose red movie
[ ] wife beaters
[x] a mom or a dad
[ ] an older brother(s)
total: 2

[ ] an older sister(s)
[ ] a younger brother
[x] a younger sister
[ ] a sled
[ ] a lake/pond/creek near my house
[x] friends who you love
total: 2


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