Kristen (pixiemab) wrote,

nothing more than apathy.

001. i am feeling much better than in my last entry. :)

002. ashley and i took down a lot of the stuff in our dorm room. no more vibrant posters or pretty tropical decorations. the walls are white white white; the room looks desolate. it's very sad, but i am not going to miss living in shaw. except maybe for the fact that it is a 5-minute walk from bessey. it's about damn time we got away from the STUPID CATTY "COLLEGE" GIRLS on our floor. vanhoosen, here we come!

003. jordan is coming up for the weekend! he got a new job and doesn't have to work saturdays anymore. movies and bubble tea to be had.

004. ashley is at camp for phantom regiment and i am really rooting for her (you should be, too).

005. i must call mcdonald's and ask to be put on the schedule from may 8-18 (though i wish i didn't have to...).

006. i am almost finished with my final project for ENG226. still left to do: WRA 360 digital portfolio & powerpoint, WRA 410 tdx website, WRA 370 editing portfolio & editing project II.

008. at least i'll be able to relax during finals week, since i will have absolutely nothing to do except go to work.

007. only four weeks until move-ins. holy shit.

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