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thought this time i'd be someone true.

So this is how this goes:

- Comment on this entry and get a letter.
- Write 10 words beginning with that letter, including an explanation of what the word means to you and why.

citylightsblur gave me the letter "P", which is not going to be easy. Here goes.

1. Plum. character from francesca lia block's book Nymph. everyone who sleeps with Plum meets the love of their life shortly thereafter and leaves Plum to be with their soulmate. i used to feel like that sometimes.

2. Packet. what jordan should be receiving in the mail later this week!!! =D

3. Patty. chelsea's nickname for cathy (short for "fatty patty"). for the longest time i thought that cathy disliked me but now i'm pretty sure that's not the case.

4. Phantom Regiment. ummmm, i've had drum corps on the brain lately, and phantom regiment starts with a P, so yeah. and of course because ashley is marching with them this summer (and cathy too)! yeah!

5. Peanut butter M&M's. the best kind of M&M's.

6. Photoshop CS2. gotta love this program, even if mine has been running super slow since i added almost 3,000 fonts to my system.

7. PHP. hypertext preprocessor. the bane of my existence in WRA 410. i don't really understand it, nor do i care to. PHP is a better way to manage website content because it enables you to change one element by editing one file instead of many. sounds like a good idea in theory, but the PHP codes are hard for me to work with.

8. Pink. my second favorite color. if you ran into me on any given day you'd probably think it was my favorite, considering my backpack, iPod skin, sparkly plugs, and many of my clothes are pink.

9. Paid account. my paid livejournal account runs out right before i leave for the summer. how convenient is that. also, i need to change this blasted layout.

10. Powerbook. the top of line of apple notebook computers. i would love to own one but alas, i cannot afford it.

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