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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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so i'm a junior and haven't completed my Tier-I writing requirement....
dinosaur roar
Poll #717425 Tier-I Writing Requirement

Which WRA course should I take in the fall?

WRA 115: Law & Justice in the U.S.
WRA 125: American Ethnic & Racial Expression (with D. Troutman)
WRA 130: American Radical Thought
WRA 145: Men in America
WRA 150: Evolution of American Thought

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Radical Thought sounds like something that'd be quite easy to write about. The radical views are so out there sometimes that they're very clear. Plus it sounds like it'd be pretty interesting

I took 115, not realizing that I didn't even need a WRA because I had AP credit.

Try to get it with Courant-Rife, she is this insane hippie lawyer reject that just talks to you about how her mom is a lesbian. I became kind of obsessed with this woman. Amazing class.

radical thought is what i took. The teacher will take EXTREME libety with the course materials though. That class was the one i had that was all about comic books. Very easy though, so that's my vote.

I took radical thought some years ago, and it completely depends on the prof. Mine sucked. A lot. No matter what you take it will be easy though, just don't go in there thinking you're going to have a class about feminism and anarchy when the prof's version of radical thought is, "whats on the cover of the NY times?"

i would have a tough time choosing between radical thought and, for some reason, men in america. actually they all sound pretty cool.

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