Kristen (pixiemab) wrote,

i've been housing all this doubt & insecurity.

001. glassmen rehearsal camp this weekend was good. the ballad drill is really sweet. and i can actually play and march it. fuck yeah. saturday was a reallllllllly long day, but i made it through it. move-ins are getting closer & closer (may 19th!). i am really apprehensive as well as excited. i've been buying a ton of stuff (p.s. drum corps is EXPENSIVE AS HELL, in case you were wondering).

002. i am probably studying abroad in cairo, egypt for spring semester 2007! i'll be taking arabic and a bunch of journalism courses. SWEET.

003. i am going to be compiling/writing a style guide for TIC either as an independent study or for my PW internship next fall. i am meeting with danielle tomorrow to discuss this as well as my study abroad plans.

004. jordan heard back from MSU. they want to see his spring semester transcripts. eeeee. i hope that he receives his final decision before i leave for the summer. how fun would it be to have him around next year? and less gas money for both of us.

005. i took my cell phone into the verizon store on friday. it has been dropping calls like crazy and not getting good reception at MSU or at my house. i find out that the chip inside my phone is corroded. "you must have gotten it wet at some point," they tell me. bullshit. so i am eight months past my warranty and four months until i am scheduled to get a new phone. UGH.

Tags: drum corps, michigan state
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