Kristen (pixiemab) wrote,

i don't recall a single care (just greenery and humid air).

so one deep tan and two ruined pairs of tennis shoes later, i'm back from tour.

i cried twice all summer. once at moveins after an especially grueling day in the glassbowl. then once in europe when i was stripped of my seat partner AND my seat for the 7-hour busride to england. i went from the 2nd seat to the BACK seat and had to sit with 4 people i didn't know. stupid limerick. worst day of tour HANDS DOWN. sprunger and i were pissed. but after we got the housing site in england the next morning, mike delgado cheered me up by telling me funny stories about dan podjun from when they marched together at kiwanis.

and EUROPE! breathtaking. we'd march a parade over there and people would open their windows and stick their heads out to hear us. so many standing ovations and encores. and who could forget marching that one show in france at midnight with NO STADIUM LIGHTS? there were 2 spotlights and we pretty much couldn't see any yardlines at all. i'm sure some of the forms looked like shit but the europeans loved us anyway.

finals = amazing. afterwards was absolutely heartwrenching though. like it finally occurred to me that the next day i would not be with the same 134 people i had seen every day for the last 3 months. no more too long busrides, no more runthroughs, no more getting yelled at by LC for my bad direction changes during the 4's and 4's. no more pestering chris on the bus or sleeping with the pod. no more reminding kayla that she is my long lost 3rd sister.

waking up at the housing site the morning after finals was horrible. rod walked in and said, "well, i'm not bo and i'm not bekah...but it's time to get up."

best things about being home:
+ double ply toilet paper.
+ the shower is hot. and it has pressure. and there aren't 40 other girls waiting to use it at all times.
+ driving my car.
+ big ten football season!!!

i'm going to stop trying to describe tour and leave you with some photos that might do the job for me. more to come later.

chris & me on the way to NYC for our flight to europe.

pretty self-explanatory: the entire corps in front of the eiffel tower.

chris & me after the free day in london.

soprano circle.

dan during the rave party on bus 802.

SMB kids after a show.
(jeremy & cathy of phantom regiment, ashley of spirit from JSU, me & steve of glassmen.)

chris & me before finals retreat.

ROOMMATES(!): ashley & me after the finals retreat.

the linden kids: mike, jessica, me.

the pod: chris, nikki, me, mike.
we slept together every night since france.

Tags: drum corps, pictures, summer moments
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