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oh, these times have changed.

today was a snowday, a wonderful wonderful snowday! what a relief to not have to face january 28th. or at least not having to write that date down. ;D

mom scared the crap out of me by rummaging around my room at 5AM trying to figure out how to shut my alarm off. i sat bolt upright in bed and had a hard time getting back to sleep after that. thought i turned my alarm off but i must've pushed the wrong button in my grogginess .. so it went off anyway .. silly me.

so i got up at about nine o'clock, practiced piano, went with mom to flint to pick up our taxes (which weren't really done), and ventured into david's bridal to look at prom dresses (they obviously haven't gotten their entire stock in because there were hardly ANY).

then i got home and mike came over. we watched once upon a time in mexico and he fed me nobake cookies. aww. then he had to run away to play practice.

tomorrow is my piano lesson and i work from 6-9pm. friday is my interview with marianna. saturday is st. cecilia scholarship auditions and possible shelter[ed] practice. sunday is student musicale. i am busy busy busy this month of february!

FEBRUARY 6/7th - staying at MSU for the ADS test
FEBRUARY 14th - lane trust scholarship auditions, shelter[ed] @ jamas
FEBRUARY 16th - financial aid appointment at STLCOP
FEBRUARY 19-21st - up north w/lori
FEBRUARY 28th - shelter[ed] @ fenton community center BOTB

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