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time keeps pushing me on now.

and i'll ride this wave till the end.

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so while looking at graduate schools...
dinosaur roar
...i have discovered my new dream:
i want to go to fucking USC.

of all the places that have professional writing graduate programs, there would HAVE to be one in los angeles.

and at over $1000 per credit hour, let's hope i can get a scholarship of sorts. ;)

as a solid backup plan, purdue's program looks promising as well.

i even checked out the graduate programs at that school down the road...but the closest they have is a masters in creative writing and that's not what i want. damn PW graduate programs are hard to find.

or i could, you know, stay here.

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Ewww. Purdue is gross, but it's better than the other school...

And over $1,000 a credit hour is pretty excessive. Don't you love out-of-state tuition?

I think you should just stay here. You'll get in the program... Danielle likes you.

but don't some employers look more highly on people who change schools after their undergrad?

...Maybe? I haven't really been looking into grad school yet - probably because I get to take graduate classes during my student teaching.

My dad went to UM-Flint for his BS and UM-AA for his Master's. I think it was basically the same school back then. I dunno.

If you really want to switch, spend the $1000 and go to USC. Purdue is gross.

If you go to USC remind me to come visit

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