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and that's not nearly all.

well. this has been the most hectic couple of days, and the rest of february isn't going to be much better.

right after school i dashed to marianna's house for our interview. it went quite well; i should have enough material to write a pretty decent paper. afterwards, i went home and practiced piano, took a half hour nap, ran my scholarship application over to wal-mart, picked up pizza from pizza hut, came home to eat, then immediately headed over to amanda's house for our english group meeting.

our meeting was quite fun. amanda kept getting text messages on her phone every two minutes from her friend brad in baltimore. nathaniel teased her incessantly about it. then everyone started in on me about kevin. it was pretty funny. i <3 amanda, claire, and nathaniel. i <3 my entire english group, actually. so anyway - after i got home from amanda's, i played piano some MORE and then went to bed by 9:30pm.

woke up bright and early to (*gasp*) practice piano! then got dressed, ate a bagel, and headed off to FIM for my st. cecilia scholarship audition with mom and kc (kc had an audition as well). my audition went pretty good - i played well, but not awesome or stellar or anything. at any rate, it is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. biggest audition of the year ($400!) and now that it's over the stress should be relieved.

after kc's audition, i booked it home, changed out of my skirt, and practiced with shelter[ed] from 4-6pm. i am really excited about our upcoming show at jamas - our entire set is going to be valentine's day/love themed. it will be cute. we selected some good covers, i think. ;D

after shelter[ed] practice i went with mom & dad to see the fenton village player's production of males order brides. dan, adrienne, and mike all had roles. i didn't think i'd be able to make it to any of the performances - but since my english group cancelled saturday's meeting, we rescheduled shelter[ed] practice and i made it out to see the play afterall. mike was pretty surprised to see me. so surprised that he must've forgot to invite me to go out to eat with everyone afterwards. oh well, i'm over it.

so i went home and was in bed by 10:30pm. haha i am so pathetic! :D

OHHHHHHH - and during the play, kc sent me a text message on my cell phone letting me know that we BOTH won the scholarship! go us!!!!!

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