Kristen (pixiemab) wrote,

drivin' down the 101.

so i'm in california again and it's pretty sweet. dad dropped corner and me off at the detroit airport last saturday and who should we run into but heather! turns out we all had the same connecting flight to atlanta (heather was on her way to myrtle beach to see james). good times. until our plane was delayed by 2 hours and we missed our flight from atlanta to ontario. luckily there was another plane going out that night, but we still got to california super late.

corner's dad picked us up and drove us to desert hot springs, where we stayed in their RV for 3 nights since corner's aunt was in to visit from scotland and there weren't enough beds for everyone. corner and i ran every morning before going down to the (1 of 4) pools and the (1 of 9) hot tubs. on our last night there (monday) we got some barbados rum + some v8 and acted like we were actually on spring break.

then we took showers in the community showers of the RV park, and it did not faze me at all.

on tuesday we drove out to (yes, drove) L. A. after missing our train. darrin took us out for thai food at a pretty fancy restaurant and the asians working there didn't card me so i got a nice drink as well (rose of siam, i believe?).

then we tried to go to the bar and they DID card me so that as the end of the fun for the late-20s early-30s crowd when i couldn't get in.

wednesday morning we drove to USC (literally about 10 mins from darrin's apartment) and i talked with 2 people from the Professional Writing graduate program. the program sounds great although i'm not sure it's for me. more for the actual writer types, where i would much rather be an editor or designer.

i bought a USC t-shirt and then corner and i drove out to santa monica (the beach!). we went to a little mom-and-pop italian restaurant and had a really good pizza and antipasto salad. mmmm. we waded in the pacific ocean but it was super cold. then we drove back to palm desert, which took FOREVER (3 hours?).

yesterday we went shopping at the outlet mall and i got a bunch of stuff for really cheap: a pair of black pants (FINALLY; i haven't bought a new pair/found a pair i liked since 7th grade), 2 pairs of adidas running shorts, a pair of nike SHOX, a calvin klein shirt, and a nike fleece pullover.

flight leaves late tomorrow (redeye, baby).

i can't wait to tour out here.
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