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forget where your heart is.

so tomorrow afternoon/evening i am going up to MSU to stay the night and then take the ADS test on saturday morning. apparently we are staying in the kellogg center ... and they are going to pair me up with some other random girl to share a hotel room with. oh joy & rapture. the way i see it, it could either turn out really cool, or really horrible.

i was going to buy a new book to take with me, so i went to little professor in fenton after depositing the majority of my paycheck ($693 in the bank! woo!). since when do measly paperbacks that i could read in one sitting cost $8-9? holy crap. then i debated buying some magazines, but decided against it. so frugal me did not buy any reading material.

after the exam saturday i have a meeting for those honors college students who were invited to have a professorial assistantship. thennnnn i think mom is going to take me to a formal dress store in east lansing (fantastic finds) so i can consider options for prom. after that, i am coming home in order to practice with shelter[ed].

today i have piano and then work from 5-8pm.

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