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you forget where the heart is.

so valentine's day. i started my day off by waking up at 6:45am in order to make it to my lane trust piano audition. i kind of botched up the bach fugue, but oh well. i was tired after working until almost 10:30pm the night before.

after my audition, i went to VGs where i put $483 in the bank, only to take $900 back out again. (no no no, i am not going to spend all of that, i put it in a cashier's check which will go in my grandma's safe).

i came home and whitney and amy soon arrived, bearing gifts of food from arby's. "we weren't sure if you eat roast beef, so we brought you chicken fingers!" i do eat roast beef, but the honey mustard sauce was really good. haha. :D

so shelter[ed] practiced for a couple hours. then i changed my clothes, loaded drums into my car, and mike came to pick me up. we went to applebee's for dinner, where we saw holly hitt (wasn't my french class juuuuuuust talking about her the other day???). oh joy. she was a hostess, and when she seated us she kind of raised her eyebrows at me like, "where's sean?" but instead she said, "i take it you're mike, party of two?"

after dinner we came back to my house for about an hour and watched part of never been kissed on tv. then we drove (separately, i might add) to jamas for shelter[ed]'s gig. we played okay, i think. we messed up a few of the covers, but our originals were smokin'. plus we did a free photo shoot. also - josh and i got past the fact that we don't like each other because he helped me carry my drumset down a flight of stairs.

thanks to rachel & nathaniel & mike & jeff & lori & lyndsey for coming out to see us. (i think i got everyone?)

after jamas, lori, jeff, amy, mike, and i went back to mike's house. mostly we watched some DVD jeff had brought over of this smalltown band that went on tour with blink 182. basically it was a concert tour version of jackass. so mostly i played hexic, bejewelled, and bespelled on mike's computer instead. hehe.

today my english group (or most of us) is coming over to work on our presentation. scripting today, filming tomorrow, final touches wednesday. i also need to finish my paper, because it's still horrible!!! arrrrrrrgh. tomorrow i work 6am-2pm (yeah for picking up extra hours!).

in other news, i have finished ecstasia & primavera and now i'm starting in on wasteland.

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